NCMA Nexus: Tying It All Together

The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) held its inaugural Nexus event in Jacksonville, Florida, on March 3–6, 2024. Nexus drew hundreds of attendees both on-site and online, getting this new venture off to an energetic start.

The concept behind Nexus was to bring together functional areas beyond contract management, particularly in adjacent functions such as pricing, program management, logistics, legal, and even buyer and seller teams. Several sessions leaned into this theme with real-world case studies; one such panel discussion, titled “COVID Response” featured speakers from the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services in job functions spanning contract management, finance management, program management, research and development, and legal counsel. These professionals detailed how these oftentimes disparate job functions between different agencies and departments all had to work together under extreme pressure to accomplish a vital mission. Other sessions explored the burgeoning issues and questions surrounding AI as well as applications in cyber and data.

Management Concepts staff greeted Nexus attendees at our exhibit booth and gained valuable insights into the experiences of professionals in the acquisition and contracting field as they navigate changes in federal regulations, uncertain budgets, and the need for training that addresses positive outcomes, not simply meets requirements. From Career Gateway: Acquisition to Credentialing Tracks, Management Concepts develops careers from entry-level to seasoned professionals.

With this first Nexus in the books, Management Concepts is interested to see how this event grows and develops in 2025 and beyond. View event photos on our Facebook page, and stay up to date on Management Concepts’ participation in NCMA events—including the upcoming World Congress—on our NCMA partnership page.

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Vera Medici
Acquisition & Contracting
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