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AGA PDT 2023

  • Management Concepts visited Orlando, Florida, to exhibit at this year’s AGA Professional Development Training (PDT). It was so nice to meet, network, and attend sessions in person and virtually. AGA. read more…

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Federal Leadership Psychology 101: Navigating Uncertainty and Unknowns

  • In an ever-changing world filled with ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity, public service must have an array of people who are more adaptable and resilient than ever. Leadership skills, which are crucial for every federal employee, are a critical component of this resilience.

    Federal employees frequently find themselves in the midst of severe problems, whether they are imminent threats to the country’s security, terrible natural disasters, economic downturns, stock market crashes, or worldwide pandemics. While there are broad protocols in place for crisis situations, no one can ever anticipate the unexpected, as the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic taught us.