Workforce Planning Turns Uncertainty into Stability and Mission Success

We can’t say this enough: People are an organization’s greatest asset. Period. Full stop.

Always and evermore relevant, this axiom is frequently emphasized in the HR realm as a guiding principle of talent acquisition and management. Research shows that focusing on employee engagement has many tangible benefits, including lower rates of turnover, increased productivity, and improved customer ratings. With uncertainty about budgets and staffing in the Federal government – as well as the churn of ongoing leadership changes – effectively managing talent is an urgent need.

HR professionals may feel they have few options when it comes to cultivating an engaging workplace culture. How can I impact positive change with hiring restrictions and budget cuts on the horizon?

Now is the time for Federal HR to find (or create) opportunities.

There are numerous ways HR specialists (and especially those growing into more of an HR business partner role) can promote a people-centered environment with readily available resources.

  1. Use strategic thinking and planning to anticipate the future needs of each employee and the organization. Position management is critical in communicating the expectations of each role and identifying possible career paths for internal employees.
  2. Clearly communicate information about the strategic mission of the organization and each employee’s role in achieving it. Employees are more engaged when they understand how their work fits into a broader organizational context.
  3. Celebrate the benefits of diversity. Promoting an inclusive atmosphere emphasizes the value of employees’ unique perspectives and experiences. A commitment to diversity also helps with future recruitment efforts.

Building an effective workplace culture will not happen overnight. It takes intentional planning by passionate people with a commitment to hiring and supporting the best talent. The benefits of employee engagement are too significant to be ignored. As HR professionals, the goal should always be to find ways of empowering your personnel.

Register for our upcoming classes on Federal Workforce Planning, and help lead the people at your organization to higher engagement and mission-focused success.

When employees feel they have control over their careers and can impact organizational success, anything is possible.

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