National Academy of Public Administration: "No Time To Wait Part II"

On September 25, 2018, Management Concepts sponsored the National Academy of Public Administration’s (NAPA) “No Time To Wait” report release event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. NAPA is a congressionally chartered non-partisan non-profit that helps government leaders solve our nation’s most pressing challenges.

In the “No Time To Wait” report series, NAPA proposed a fundamental shift in the operations of the Federal Government. In Part I of the series, NAPA introduced the severity of the challenges and stressed that the time for deliberation is over and the time for action is upon us. The report proposed an overhaul of the human capital system because of its habitual tendency to hinder “the ability of Federal agencies to recruit, develop, and retain top talent; hold administrators and employees accountable for results; and strike the right balance between civil servants and contractors.”

This year in the “No Time To Wait, Part II” report, NAPA transitions the conversation from problem to solution – providing a plan of action for transforming the current stand-alone personnel operations that agencies are currently accustomed to human capital planning focused on performance and learning that is natively integrated into the agency’s leadership framework.

Part II of the report outlines the following action points for building a better government:

  • Rebalance the Federal Workforce in Support of Mission: Focus on reskilling and upskilling current and future talent
  • Preserve the Merit System Principles: Recruit and retain a talented workforce fairly from all segments of the workforce
  • Enhance Accountability: Emphasize results with enterprise-wide strategic workforce planning and develop strategies for advanced collection of metrics and data analytics
  • Increase Mission-Based Achievement: Position efforts at the managerial-level versus compliance-level
  • Launch 90-day task force led by Chief Human Capital Officers to recommend policy changes that can be implemented immediately

The “No Time To Wait, Part II” panelists made it clear – our Federal Government can no longer expect to solve new world problems with old world thinking. Physical and traditional skills in the workforce are giving way to soft-skills like creativity, critical thinking, and communications. The need for talent to have a growth mindset and the comfort to navigate uncertain waters is becoming more important day-by-day and the Federal Government must begin to support these developments on all fronts.

For over 45 years Management Concepts has provided training and consulting solutions to empower the Federal workforce in the successful achievement of their missions, roles, and responsibilities to not only further their careers but to help build a better government. We have tracked the developments of the workforce and have built the leading catalog of in-classroom and virtual training solutions to help our government meet the demands outlined in the NAPA “No Time to Wait” series.

Stay tuned for further collaborations between NAPA and Management Concepts.

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