Free eBook: What You Need to Know About Evaluating Federal Candidates

Whether you are new to federal recruiting or a seasoned HR professional, Top Interview Tips for Federal Recruiting can help you increase your effectiveness in selecting candidates who will be successful in their roles.

Author Janice Jones brings over 30 years of experience in federal human resources operations and policy to important topics like:

  • How to deepen your understanding of the entire federal recruiting process from job category determination to final selection
  • When to closely examine your internal selection process to ensure that the right interviewers are asking the right questions
  • Preparing for a successful interview by familiarizing yourself with the job announcement, candidates, interviewing styles, evaluation criteria, and interview questions
  • Understanding what should (and should not) happen before, during, and after an interview
  • Ensuring each candidate is evaluated the same way through the final selection determination
  • Accessing additional resources that reinforce assertions with in-depth explorations

Whether you are a federal recruiter, an HR professional, a hiring manager, or a subject matter expert, download this eBook and take a fresh look at your federal recruiting process.

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