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A pair of hands on the keyboard of a laptop.

How Federal Leaders Can Develop an Effective Workforce Development Framework

  • Federal leaders frequently struggle to develop a skilled, flexible, and resourceful workforce in the ever-changing public sector of today. However, they can empower employees to become more productive and efficient by focusing on a development framework.

    In this article, we’ll look at how federal leaders may build and implement a strategy for workforce development that encourages innovation and ongoing learning.

A pair of hands on the keyboard of a laptop.

Free eBook: What You Need to Know About Evaluating Federal Candidates

  • Whether you are new to federal recruiting or a seasoned HR professional, Top Interview Tips for Federal Recruiting can help you increase your effectiveness in selecting candidates who will be successful in their roles.

    Author Janice Jones brings over 30 years of experience in federal human resources operations and policy to important topics like:

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