Inspiration and Insight at AGA's 2017 National Leadership Training Event

The AGA NLT 2017 exhibit hall.Last week, on behalf of Management Concepts, a group of colleagues and I attended the National Leadership Training (NLT) event in Washington, D.C., a two-day event organized by the Association of Government Accountants (AGA). Keynote presenters included Chip Fulghum (Deputy Under Secretary of Management, Dept. of Homeland Security), Janice Hamby (Chancellor, National Defense University iCollege), and Jonathan Karl (Chief White House Correspondent, ABC News).

The exhibit hall was packed with accountants, auditors, CEOs, CPAs, CGFMs, CFOs, consultants, senior government leaders, and business developers—made for a pretty broad representation of Federal financial management professionals.

So, what kept everybody together for two days?

Dedication to outstanding public service and exceptional leadership.

The event schedule was filled with expert-led presentations, with topics including Presidential transition, cyber security, the DATA act, and risk management—and most importantly there were a number of spirited leadership development sessions. The two-day event flew by in a rush of wisdom, forward thinking, and engaged community. We did our best to take it all in, while promoting Management Concepts latest opportunities for professional development training and consulting.

Leadership session at NLT 2017

A leadership session at NLT 2017.

Here are some of our top takeaways and quotes (more or less paraphrased) from the two-day event:

  • Data Act implementation will help improve performance within the government, and there will be a learning curve for all those involved in its implementation. The curve will need to be met with smart planning and thoughtful leadership—we’ve prepared a complimentary webinar to help people ready their teams.
  • Accurate preparation of data by government employees is crucial in order to support data-driven decisions by incoming political appointees and other new leaders. Savvy professionals show the way with good data.
  • Leadership is full of peaks and valleys. How you deal with both is what makes you a good leader (Yep, that means learning how to deal with success just as well as how to deal with challenge and failure).
  • Continuous learning is key to being a good leader. Do things that frighten and challenge you, and always consider how you’re working to unleash the best from others.
  • “Reach one. Teach one. Grab one. Drag one.” That’s a quote from Gwendolyn Sykes, CFO U.S. Secret Service, during her presentation in the Path to Leadership When it comes to mentorship, there are various ways to mentor others, and it’s important to have more than one technique at your disposal. What are yours?

The Management Concepts booth crew at AGA NLT 2017.

The Management Concepts booth crew: (left to right) Andrew Lieber, Sarah Sprockett, and Steve Ripley.

Supporting Federal financial management professionals is integral to our mission—thanks to all who stopped by our booth. We already look forward to next year’s NLT, but in the meantime, stay in touch with us through our Federal financial management blogs, and check out our upcoming course offerings:

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