How to Maximize Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End

More than 600 attendees tuned in to the Management Concepts annual fiscal year-end appropriations webinar, “Maximizing Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End.” Once again, retired SES and Management Concepts instructor Steve Butler reprised his role as presenter and subject matter expert, sharing his depth of knowledge with participants throughout the live 75-minute webinar.

Participants had the opportunity to learn or brush up on some of the finer points of appropriations law, including how to do the following:

  • Determine considerations every federal employee should know for year-end actions
  • Avoid Antideficiency Act violations
  • Recognize the Bona Fide Needs Rule and primary exceptions
  • Establish a plan to maximize funding at year-end

As Mr. Butler presented this vital information, he engaged the audience with polls that illustrated how to ensure that the correct fiscal year was being charged in various examples, identifying and applying methods of financing needs at year-end, and preparing for year-end purchasing. Participants asked numerous questions during the presentation, which were either answered live or saved for responses via email because of time constraints.

Mr. Butler concluded the webinar by reminding the audience that they are stewards of the public’s trust, and as such are fiduciaries of the public trust. This responsibility of maintaining the best interests of the public means that their actions should be based on appropriations law (AKA fiscal law) and should follow the principle of “the positive force and effect of the law.”

Mr. Butler emphasized that education is the best way to prepare oneself and recommended, among others, the Management Concepts courses Appropriations Law Seminar,  Appropriations Law Refresher and Update, and The Antideficiency Act.

Missed the live presentation? Watch it on-demand and earn 1 CPE: “Maximizing Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End.”

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Presenter E. Steven Butler is a retired member of the Senior Executive Service and has served in a wide variety of budget and accounting positions over his 32-year federal career, including CFO/comptroller for six different organizations. Following his federal career, he was a professor of finance and accounting for a university in Illinois.

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