Imagine How a Custom Learning Portal Could Benefit Your Agency

How can you ensure that your people maintain their certifications, update their skills, and prepare for your agency’s future needs? One of the best ways to support professional development is with an agency learning portal.

Imagine having one central location where your employees could sign up for instructor-led virtual classes, access educational webinars, download instructional documents, or watch training videos and presentations.

Now imagine that your supervisors could have visibility into who accessed which learning and earned certificates of completion.

Think about your workforce having a dedicated forum where they can ask questions, provide feedback, and share how they are applying what they’ve learned.

What better way could there be to support your agency’s training needs?

Management Concepts works with agency leaders to determine their professional development needs. More often than not, we find that building a branded user interface containing all the desired functionality is an ideal way to address an agency’s training needs. Here are a few examples of what is generally included in a custom learning portal:

  • Login – Whether within your system or a link to a login page, specified participants will have seamless access to learning through a customized interface.
  • Welcome Page – Upon login, every participant and leader will find a customized welcome page that contains information that is essential to their use of the custom learning portal. In most cases, this begins with navigation, a prominent image, site identification, and information about the content options available.
  • Announcements – To better facilitate class enrollment, provide team updates, and share relevant information, many agencies include an announcements section on their welcome page.
  • Training – The portal welcome page will provide access to other pages related to training. The content and layout of these pages will be tailored to an agency’s needs. Typically, course descriptions, schedules, and availability will be included. In addition to Management Concepts courses, the training section may contain learning materials from the agency or other sources.
  • Tracking – The portal provides many ways for leaders to track participants’ progress through reports delivered on-demand or automatically through email. At a glance, the interactive portal dashboard provides an overview as well as access to more detailed information.
  • Transcripts – Once a participant has begun a course, they will be able to track their progress through the portal. If a certificate of completion is issued, it will always be available for download in the transcripts section.
  • Community Forums – One of the best benefits of a custom learning portal is that it can provide an opportunity for learners to share information about the value of each course, what they learned, and how they are applying their new knowledge on the job. Forums also provide answers to FAQs and additional resources through transparent discussion threads within the portal.
  • Security – We build portals with Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-compliant technology that has been granted authorization to operate (ATO).

While these elements are popular, they are not all required. Every custom learning portal is designed and implemented according to the agency’s specific needs. Management Concepts also offers administration services that can be tailored to your agency’s needs.

Doesn’t this sound like an exciting opportunity to boost your agency’s professional development opportunities? Let’s talk about what Management Concepts can do to assist you with your workforce training needs. Contact Tom Ladenburg, Executive Director of Custom Learning Solutions, at

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