Seize The Benefits of Virtual Government Training by Converting Your Conventional Courses

Pandemic Pivot

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Management Concept’s dedicated team of instructional systems designers (ISDs) quickly pivoted to transition our catalog of in-person classroom instructor-led training (ILT) courses to virtual instructor-led training (vILT) sessions. Simultaneously, we also ramped up our efforts to upskill our Instructors to be able to successfully facilitate online learning. This included standing up a sandbox environment where instructors can practice and a series of internal teach-back sessions to ensure they are comfortable delivering instruction in a virtual environment. Additionally, our technically savvy producer team continued to provide live technical support for every vILT student, helping ensure our customers had quality virtual learning experiences. In less than two months, nearly all Management Concepts courses had transitioned to vILT.

Being able to leverage our depth of knowledge, resiliency, and teamwork enabled us to provide our customers with the opportunity to continue their learning and development programs.

Course Conversion Process

How did we achieve such a monumental effort of transforming our ILT courses into vILT sessions?

  • We upskilled our ISDs, instructors, and producers. Our ISDs gained knowledge about virtualization best practices through an in-house training program. We trained our instructors in the best methods to deliver virtual training, including how to navigate the virtual space, methods for managing a virtual class, and tips to keep participants engaged. We dramatically increased our pool of producers and helped them acquire new skills using virtual platforms. This enabled them to support both students and instructors more readily in the vILT setting. Our producers also provided stellar customer support by employing problem-solving techniques to resolve technical support issues quickly.
  • We formed a cross-departmental group to encourage constant improvement in virtual design, development, and delivery by analyzing the end-user and instructor experience with our virtual courseware.
  • We developed a comprehensive virtualization rating scale and rubric to quickly analyze and provide solutions for the virtualization of existing courseware. Data gathered using our rating and rubric provided a consistent, rapid, and informed overview of the ILT courseware in an easy-to-digest report that guided the next steps toward virtualization.
  • We leveraged the expertise of our dedicated internal accessibility team to ensure all participants have the support and access they require to have a quality, equitable class experience.

Multiple Benefits to Virtual Government Training

Virtual training offers numerous benefits. In addition to saving travel dollars, virtual training options conserve paper, reduce carbon emissions, and provide high-quality training simultaneously to geographically dispersed teams. Also, our experience has shown that individuals who may have hesitated in the past to speak up in large, in-person classroom settings may be more willing to participate in virtual environments through breakout rooms, polls, or online chats. This increases learner engagement and participation for the group as a whole, and everyone benefits.

With over 48 years of experience, Management Concepts has mastered the art and science of creating custom learning solutions. We take a consultative approach to help our clients craft a training solution that best meets their needs. Whether through an in-person classroom;  virtual government training, remote workforce training, remote federal training, self-paced e-learning training; or a blended solution, we create engaging, accessible learning experiences that have a meaningful impact on our clients’ organizational effectiveness.

Contact Us

If your agency, department, or team wants to partner with us to convert existing course materials into virtual instructor-led or web-based training, our teams are ready to help. Interested in finding out more? Contact Tom Ladenburg, Executive Director of Custom Learning Solutions, at [email protected].

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Custom Learning Solutions
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