Communication Tools for Federal Teleworkers

Are you still trying to figure out team dynamics in relation to teleworking? If so, you certainly are not alone. To capture the best talent these days, you are at a great advantage if you can be flexible about location. Most federal agencies are allowing workers to telework at least part of the time.

One thing that makes team communications a little bit easier is getting a handle on how and when to use the tools that you have available to you. In our latest infographic, we have listed the pros and cons of ways that federal employees can communicate — phone, email, videoconference, intranet, webinar, social media, instant message, and cloud-based file-sharing. We hope that you find it helpful.

Infographic that describes pros and cons of telework communication tools

Are you new to teleworking? We’d love to hear about your communication challenges so that we can help you overcome them.

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