Holistic Leadership for Federal Employees

Leaders are most effective when they understand that the four facets of leadership — self, family, career, and community — influence one another and work together to create a values-based approach to leadership that leads to optimal outcomes.

When leaders bring their whole selves to their roles, they’re able to integrate their values into their everyday actions and support those they lead to do the same.

Achieving balance doesn’t mean devoting equal attention to all parts of your life at all times — true balance requires understanding the importance of each facet of your life and being intentional about how you prioritize your time and energy. That way, your actions reflect your values.

To bring holistic leadership to your own life and be sure that your behaviors align with your intentions, take some time to think about how you want to position yourself as a leader and as a person. Ask yourself the following questions to clarify your values and visions as they relate to each facet of your life.


  • Who are the people who love, support, and honor you? Who nurtures the greatness that resides within you?
  • Are there people you need to grow closer to or types of supportive relationships to nurture more deeply?
  • Are there people from whom you need to distance yourself to better manage your own energy and well-being?


  • Are you just making money, or are you also making a difference?
  • What do you want to give to your teams? Your organization? What do your teams and organization count on you for?
  • What is your hope for the future? What will you do to make that hope a reality?


  • What energizes you?
  • What gives you peace?
  • How are you actively designing your desired future?
  • What are you doing to better prepare yourself to help others?


  • How do you serve others?
  • In what ways are you building connections with others?
  • What efforts are you making to establish roots in the place you live?
  • Are you helping to build a thriving community?

If you can clarify your values as they relate to your life, you’ll have a north star to guide your behavior and determine if you’re acting on those values and living with intention.

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