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The Power of Assessments

  • Chart a path to achieve your career goals with confidence using assessment tools and supplemental growth strategies, such as coaching and mentoring.

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2023 TOC Annual Institute: A Wave of Enthusiasm

  • The energy and enthusiasm of members of the Training Officers Consortium (TOC) carried through all three and a half days of TOC’s signature event, the Annual Institute, held April 30 through May 3, 2023 in Ocean City, MD. Management Concepts was proud to “Catch the Wave: Training to Transformation” as a Silver Sponsor, presenting a session, receiving an award, moderating a panel discussion, and greeting TOC members at our booth in the exhibit hall.

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Succession Planning in a Federal Workplace

  • Organizations are more likely to succeed when organizational expertise is transferred to the future group of leaders and professionals. Despite the obvious benefits of succession planning, many organizations – particularly federal agencies – fail to develop a strong succession plan for key leadership positions.

    Succession planning involves transferring leadership roles to another person or group of employees. This strategy ensures that the organization keeps operating efficiently even if important staff members leave for better prospects, are terminated, or cannot continue for other reasons.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Selecting Career-Building Courses

  • As a federal employee, you understand the importance of continuously developing your skills and knowledge to stay relevant in your field and advance your career. With the ever-evolving landscape of the federal workforce, choosing suitable career-building courses that align with your professional goals and development plans is critical.

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From Mentoring to Coaching: Selecting the best Career Development Method for you

  • Federal employees must decide whether to use personalized career coaching from managers or consultants or conduct career research independently (either online or through networking) when trying to advance their careers.

    You can learn more about a field of work or career you may be considering by conducting career research. It offers insight on current market trends and potential job prospects.

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A Manager’s Guide to Personalized Career Coaching in a Federal Workplace

  • Career coaching is one of the best ways for managers to boost employee engagement and growth.

    Coaching is one of the most individualized, comprehensive, and successful federal training approaches accessible to adult learners, notably managers and supervisors, in the professional world. It enables the coachee to receive highly individualized coaching and training to increase their competencies, develop their capacity as a worker and boost their career.

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How to Build a Thriving Ecosystem for Learners

  • The word ecosystem likely takes you back to elementary school science—perhaps a memory of watching videos in class detailing the ways lakes and streams, trees and earth, bugs and spiders, and rabbits and foxes interact in a web of life. An ecosystem is at its core a community of living organisms taken together in their physical environment; it describes the way these components interact and are interdependent. All of these parts, alive and inanimate, depend on each other within the ecosystem even when they are not directly connected.

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Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Forging the Future

  • In partnership with Federally Employed Women, Management Concepts celebrated Women’s History Month with this highly interactive virtual workshop which covered the struggles and triumphs of professional women past to present, unique challenges women experience in the workplace today, and how to identify and overcome workplace biases

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