How Will the Proposed Changes to the Uniform Guidance Affect You?

Whether you are associated with a grant-making agency, a pass-through entity, or a grant recipient, there are many changes in the recently released Uniform Guidance update that will undoubtedly impact your grants.

If the idea of combing through the 44 pages of tiny 3-column text doesn’t excite you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

View this short video ( to see what you can learn in the Federal Grants Update 2020 Course at Management Concepts:

In addition to this overview of the proposed changes, we also offer a wide selection of grants-focused classes that provide up-to-date instruction on all things grant.

Grant-Making Agencies

Federal employees of grant-making agencies manage and monitor grant awards. For foundational knowledge from pre-award through closeout, we’ve got you covered with 21 courses, 15 of which are Guaranteed to Run: (

Pass-Through Entities

Introducing grants management best practices to pass-through entities can help them overcome challenges related to the subaward process, monitoring measures, and grants management. Take a look at these 24 courses, 14 of which are Guaranteed to Run:

Grant Recipients

Finding Federal grant funding is only part of the mountain that grant recipients need to need to climb. Whether you are seeking funds for programs or policies, we can help you stay compliant and monitor performance. Browse these 23 courses, 12 of which are Guaranteed to Run:

International Grant Professionals Day

Management Concepts is here to help grants professionals stay abreast of emerging factors that impact the grants community. With International Grant Professionals Day approaching on March 13, 2020, we honor the work that you do. From ideation through closeout, managing the day-to-day work of grants management is essential, to us as individuals, to the communities that benefit from grants, and to society at large. Please accept our sincere thank you. We truly appreciate your vital contribution.

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