Maximizing Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End 2022

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Is your agency prepared to maximize its funding at the end of the fiscal year? If you’re a little vague on some of the finer points of appropriations law, watch our complimentary event Maximizing Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End webinar to learn or brush up on how to:

  • Determine considerations every federal employee should know for year-end actions
  • Avoid Antideficiency Act violations
  • Recognize the Bona Fide Needs Rule and primary exceptions
  • Establish a plan to maximize funding at year end

Anyone responsible for federally appropriated funding will benefit from training on legitimate use of agency funds at year-end. This will help ensure that you are a good steward of the public’s trust during our Maximizing Agency Funds at Fiscal Year-End webinar.

Presenter: Steve Butler
Mr. Butler is a retired member of the Senior Executive Service and served in a wide variety of budget and accounting positions over his 32-year federal career to include CFO/Comptroller for six different organizations. Following his federal career, he was a professor of finance and accounting for a university in Illinois.
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