Analytics is a Function, Not a Job Title

I recently read an HBR article that reinforced much of what we’ve been seeing internally at Management Concepts for the last two years: Analytics is a function, not a job title, and regardless of job title, analytics should be a part of every team’s profile. As noted by the HBR authors, you don’t have to be a Data Scientist to work in analytics. Success with analytics requires a “big tent” approach: Everybody in, and everybody all in.

Our student information reflects this need. Management Concepts delivers extensive training in the domain of analytics. We offer 7 courses, primarily to Federal employees, that cover data collection techniques, data analysis and modeling techniques, evaluating and presenting analysis results, and data visualization.

Our internal analysis showed us that the top 10 most common job titles of our analytics students are:

  1. Budget Analyst – 560 series
  2. Accountant – 510 series
  3. Program Analyst – 340 series
  4. Financial Management Analyst – 505 series
  5. Management Analyst – 343 series
  6. Contract Specialist – 1102 series
  7. Financial Analyst – 1160 series
  8. Auditor – 511 series
  9. IT Specialist – 2210 series
  10. Management & Program Analyst – 343 series

This list reflects a wide variety of occupational series codes in Federal employment. While some codes function as “catch-alls” (e.g., the 343 series code) for positions that span many roles, other codes are very specific in their requirements (e.g., 1102). None of these roles has the analytics market cornered – to be truly effective, you need to staff your team with people who can conduct analyses. Whether you fill this need by hiring multiple staff members with analytics capabilities, or by training the function depends on your organization’s specific need.

For small organizations just starting to use analytics in their operations, it’s not necessary to create an entire analytics unit. You can train, contract, or hire for the role. Learn more about how we can help you pursue these options by visiting

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