Why New AC Professionals Need Career Gateway: Acquisition

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In the later stages of a career, many professionals are trained on an individual basis. They may be in cohorts that share the same job title and have similar responsibilities, but they will still receive training that is tailored to their individual needs.

This is not the case with new professionals. New professionals are given a lot of material to digest, they need to make critical decisions and examine multiple options, and they must make the correct decision quickly and confidently.

Address challenges head-on

In today’s world, new challenges are constantly emerging. Agencies need to keep up with these challenges and address them in order to stay competitive. The Career Gateway: Acquisition program is designed to help you make that happen by providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to address the challenges head-on. With Career Gateway: Acquisition Cohort, you can address challenges head-on, elevate efficiencies, and move swiftly to address changes.

Learn to collaborate across agencies

Career Gateway: Acquisition will help you learn to collaborate across agencies. Learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and skill sets, and how to share knowledge across departments. This is especially useful in the business world, where silos and islands are less effective than working together as a team.

Choose the best solutions

The Career Gateway: Acquisition Cohort program is a great opportunity for you to learn how to make decisions in the best interest of your agency. You will be able to look at multiple options and pick the right solutions for your agencies at the time by developing sharp critical thinking abilities, business acumen, and decision-making skills. The course will also help you develop critical thinking about problems for situation-based problems.

Train the workforce upward

Baby Boomers are retiring, the middle is moving to the top, and that leaves a lot of people in the middle vulnerable.

To stay competitive, you need to accelerate your path to proficiency. This program goes beyond just a basic academic understanding of the field; it covers modern and future-oriented work. Learning about the AC profession is like learning a new language, but this immersive training program teaches you to speak fluently.

Put in the work with Career Gateway: Acquisition

This program is designed to help you learn more about your industry and prepare for success in your career.

Elevate your technical competency and essential professional skills while learning how to collaborate, innovate, and solve problems effectively. You will learn to analyze the situation, use critical thinking to dissect your options, and then identify the best solution for the situation at hand.

Career Gateway will help you achieve proficiency through a situational training model with multifaceted, experiential aspects. We leverage a situational gamified program to actually teach skills, rather than just feeding you material to memorize.

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