The Mystique of Mars – A Unique Backdrop for a New Acquisition Learning Experience

If you look up on a cloudless night, you can see the red glow of Mars 300 million miles away. Space travel requires constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and balancing a need for precise calculations with innovative ways to solve problems across immense distances. Over the past two years, each of us has had to adapt and innovate in ways we hadn’t imagined. While the distance between our old offices and our desks at home may not be as far away as Mars, our accomplishments in space provide a roadmap for connecting across any distance.

Like NASA, we have learned that overcoming obstacles requires preparation, innovation, adaptability, and boundless persistence. We need to work together to solve problems at a distance and develop solutions as challenges emerge. The distance between us can make our work feel overwhelming. But, we too can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and use this time to plan, innovate, and broaden our problem-solving skills. NASA’s Dr. Firouz Naderi said of Mars, “It is like climbing Mt. Everest. No matter how good you are, you are going to lose your grip sometimes and fall back. Then you have a choice, either retreat to the relative comfort and safety of the base camp or get up, dust yourself off, get a firmer grip and a surer toehold and head back up for the summit. The space business is not about base camps. It is about summits. And, the exhilaration of discoveries you make once you get there. That is what drives you on.”

As we enter 2022, we can challenge ourselves to strive for the summits in our work through trainingcustom learning solutions, and human capital advisory services. In this new year, Management Concepts launches a new level of comprehensive acquisition training – Career Gateway: Acquisition. Through this immersive and engaging learning experience built around supporting a mission to Mars scenario, qualified individuals will be shaped into outstanding acquisition professionals, developing essential skills and competencies as they move forward in their careers.

Journey Map for Career Gateway: Acquisition


We also offer a host of comprehensive acquisition & contracting training courses for professionals looking to round out their skills as federal contracting professionals. Learn more with Management Concepts today!

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