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Succession Risk Assessment – Common Risks and Best Assessment Practices

  • Succession planning is paramount in federal organizations to ensure the smooth transfer of leadership responsibilities and maintain operational effectiveness. A critical aspect of successful succession planning is conducting a thorough succession risk assessment. By identifying common risks and implementing best assessment practices, federal organizations can mitigate potential disruptions and safeguard the continuity of their operations.


Succession Planning in a Federal Workplace

  • Organizations are more likely to succeed when organizational expertise is transferred to the future group of leaders and professionals. Despite the obvious benefits of succession planning, many organizations – particularly federal agencies – fail to develop a strong succession plan for key leadership positions.

    Succession planning involves transferring leadership roles to another person or group of employees. This strategy ensures that the organization keeps operating efficiently even if important staff members leave for better prospects, are terminated, or cannot continue for other reasons.

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Succession Planning as a Change Management Strategy

  • Succession planning is becoming a valuable strategy for organizations to undertake when looking to minimize the impact of changes on its workforce. Although still not widely utilized across Federal agencies, it is becoming recognized as an important talent management and change management strategy for retaining leaders at all levels and thus reducing disruptions caused by continual turnover. Here are two reasons this rings true:

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