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NGMA AGT 2023: A Year of Firsts

  • 2023 was a year of growth and new beginnings for the National Grants Management Association (NGMA) Annual Grants Training (AGT), which took place April 10-13, 2023 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. The AGT, which had in recent years been held in Arlington, VA, moved to Washington, DC, and boasted a record number of attendees and vendors. Over 1,200 grants professionals attended sessions and flowed through the exhibit hall to visit 35 exhibit booths.

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Two Days of Discovery: AGA NLT 2023

  • AGA kicked off the year with another stellar conference, hosting the 2023 National Leadership Training at the Ronald Reagan Building International Trade Center in Washington, DC. The event took place February 22-23, 2023 with plenary and breakout sessions, and both an in-person and virtual exhibit hall. With over 600 in-person attendees and 500 online, #NLT23 was alive with networking opportunities and of course the opportunity for up to 14 CPEs.

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Off to the Races: GPA Annual Conference ’22

  • As usual, Management Concepts had a blast reconnecting with all our Grant Professional Association (GPA) friends at the Annual Conference which took place November 2-5, 2022, in in Louisville, Kentucky. Over 1,100 grants professionals convened in person and online to learn, connect, and have some fun.

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No, really. Are you Grant Ready?

  • In the middle of last week, I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed for the latest and greatest. And then I had one of those stop everything moments to read the posted article. One of our grants instructors was offering to volunteer her services to save Claude Moore Colonial Farm.

    Who’s Claude and why does he have a farm?

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What Does the Federal Shutdown Mean for Grants?

  • Regardless of political views or debate about the merits of a Federal shutdown, there are a few things to keep in mind with regard to grants and cooperative agreements during a shutdown. Both pre-award and post-award processes are impacted (or not).

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No Rest After #GPAConf18

  • This was going to be a post about how wonderful the 2018 Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Annual Conference in Chicago was – meeting up with friends, finding Url the Squirrel, introducing my colleagues Vera and Lahaja to the grants community, Hamilton… but instead it’s back to regular order.

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Is a push for more Federal Grants certifications sustainable?

  • The GAO released its report on the Grants Workforce last week and for me there were no surprises.

    Agencies are still struggling to identify who comprises the grants workforce
    Some agencies adopted the 1109 job series
    There’s a drive to a certification…but no consensus on what that should be
    Adoption of the Financial Assistance Career Roadmap is limited
    More training is needed

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