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Executive Coaching for Leaders

  • Discover why coaching is beneficial to your career, what the different kinds of coaching are, and how to start deciding whether it can help you in this infographic.

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11 Soft-Skill Career-Building Courses for Federal Employees

  • In today’s dynamic work environment, soft skills play a crucial role in the success of federal employees. These skills go beyond technical expertise and encompass qualities such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability. Federal employees should continually invest in developing their soft skills to thrive in their careers and contribute effectively to their organizations.

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The New Normal Requires Resilience and Adaptability

  • Unrelenting change at unprecedented speed. This is the environment that federal government employees have encountered for the past two years; a landscape that included a pandemic and its residual effects. It was a novel event with no playbook that taxed the workforce in unique ways. And yet, the challenge was met, although not without cost in terms of personal stress.

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