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Creating Tomorrow’s Government Today

  • Discover a proven approach that will empower your organization to successfully implement any transformative initiative. With our expert guidance, you’ll learn to articulate the crucial need for change and craft a well-defined change strategy.

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Communicating Change: The Key to Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

  • There’s been much debate about the agency Reform Plans that were submitted to OMB by each agency. How seriously will agencies take those plans? Will Congress pass a budget that supports the changes outlined in the plans? One thing that is hard to debate against, however, is that there will be change.

    So, if change is inevitable, what we really need to think about is how we’re going to manage the change. Change management frameworks, methodologies, and best practices are widely available on the internet. However, one word sums up the key to successfully implementing change, and if not done properly, change will not be successful – communication.

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Finding Stability and Opportunity through Uncertainty

  • Now that we’re halfway through February, how many of us are still working towards our New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve made it past January 17, the official Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day, then congratulations! And for those who marked the occasion, it’s still early enough in the year to get back on track.

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Organizational Culture Clears the Way for Successful Change

  • Do opportunities exist to fortify culture when a big change occurs?

    Change is happening across the Federal government at all levels. Individuals are adjusting their attention, teams are shifting their focus, and organizations are responding to new priorities. The speed with which organizations must respond to change while maintaining effective and productive momentum is increasing, and the potential consequences will have a greater impact on agencies and the public served.

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