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Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Forging the Future

  • In partnership with Federally Employed Women, Management Concepts celebrated Women’s History Month with this highly interactive virtual workshop which covered the struggles and triumphs of professional women past to present, unique challenges women experience in the workplace today, and how to identify and overcome workplace biases

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3 Questions to Answer for Your Employees

  • Ask and Answer the right questions to drive employee success—across all demographics.
    So often the “performance conversation” is focused on what an employee did wrong and should be doing right. Doing the right things, which is important to the overall organization, subtly implies there are “wrong” things and “right” things. However, it’s imperative that employees can find more meaning in their work aside from checking the boxes of right or wrong. Do your team members believe they’re a valued part of the team, and understand how they make an impact?

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Three Initiatives to Help Improve the Acquisition Workforce

  • As a new year begins, agencies are also making their resolutions.  High on their list are ways to keep employees engaged, energized, and focused on meeting mission goals.  These are the top three initiatives we’ve seen when helping our clients identify ways to improve the acquisition workforce.

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Strategies to Build a Meaningful Career

  • Every one of us has a certain number of years to invest in working and making a living. Having a job is fine, but creating a meaningful career will maximize your opportunities for success. To have a successful, fulfilling career requires that you continually plan, execute and review your career management strategies. You may be like many people in the workforce who only think about your current role or your next desired promotion. However, given today’s changes and uncertainties in the Federal workplace, you need to broaden your short term thinking and how you manage and grow your career.

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Time to Thrive: Empowering Millennials in the Workforce

  • Every day there are countless articles and studies casting aspersions on millennials. This cohort of young adults has been blamed for the declining viability of chain restaurants, gyms, diamonds, and even the National Football League.

    Millennials are frequently stereotyped as selfish, entitled, and disloyal to their organizations. For this reason, HR specialists, leadership, and managers alike may find it difficult to cater to this growing segment of the global workforce.

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When You Manage Resilience, Your Best Self Shows Up

  • Resilience is something of a hot-button skill in 2017, especially for folks with careers in public service. It carries a theme of overcoming chaotic, uncertain environments, but it also connects to opportunity and the (re)discovery of vital strengths for yourself, your team, or your organization.

    In chaotic times like these, frustration and exhaustion creep up like a ninja if you don’t check in with yourself and revisit how you’re managing your resilience.

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