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Federal Leadership Traits to Help You Advance at Every Level

  • The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that only 39% of federal organizations understand the importance of federal leadership and develop leadership training programs for their employees. Federal leadership is a critical component of government organizations. It is essential to have effective leaders who can motivate team members to achieve their goals and serve the public interest. Leadership is not just about a job title or position but a set of skills, traits, and behaviors that can be developed and honed over time.

A pair of hands on the keyboard of a laptop.

Strategies to Build a Meaningful Career

  • Every one of us has a certain number of years to invest in working and making a living. Having a job is fine, but creating a meaningful career will maximize your opportunities for success. To have a successful, fulfilling career requires that you continually plan, execute and review your career management strategies. You may be like many people in the workforce who only think about your current role or your next desired promotion. However, given today’s changes and uncertainties in the Federal workplace, you need to broaden your short term thinking and how you manage and grow your career.

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